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Safe-N-Clean Pool/Spa Clarifier uses concentrated gel technology to efficiently rid your pool or spa of the following.

• Harmful Pathogens and Bacteria
• Small Airborne Particulate
• Odor Causing Oils
• Peace of mind for kids' and pets' safety
• Easy to use: once a month, no measuring
• Helps filter harmful pathogens and bacteria
• Environmentally safe, biodegradable, nontoxic
• Energy savings up to 50%
• Clears pool within 24 hours* and up to 30 days
• Compatible with all types of filters, pool and spa chemicals, and a wide range of pH.

*Results seen in pools with normal clouding; extremely dirty pools may need several treatments.

Safe. Easy. Efficient.
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Safe-N-Clean Metal Sequester

• Prevents and controls stains for 30 days
• Removes iron and other staining metals
• Compatible with all other chemicals
• Works with all types of filters
• Works with all automated sanitizing systems
• One gel-cap bi-weekly (15K-gallon pools or less)

Safe. Easy. Efficient.
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Safe-N-Clean Pool Oxidizer

• Controls chlorine color
• Oxidizes oils, lotions, pollen, persperation
• pH buffer (neutral)
• Use pool immediately after application
• Non-irritating to skin and eyes
• Non-foaming
• Reduces chlorine demand by more than half
• One gel-cap bi-weekly (15K-gallon pools or less)

Safe. Easy. Efficient.

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